Gavin Bargus, Is a Irish designer stranded in  Norway some 20 years ago. At one point he owned a whole of 3m depth, 8 m wide and 15 m. long. Later it become a wonderful design house, in the middle of Oslo centre. Now he tends to try to sort out life (with luck in many areas) and ended up joining into being a partner in Ethena. He has skills of thinking, reasoning, being particular critical in which solutions is “good enough” what ends up looking great, and he’s a great advocate for the essence of keeping true design of a Koster boat.

Geir Stene is an communication advisor and before this a “working class farmer wannabe” Though long ago, the genes for this still resides in his mind and body. He represent any quick solution that makes sense. He was the one finding  the boat, enthusiastic telling the others, as  that sharing the idea would make it possible. Despite the hours needed in maintenance, Geir still firmly believe that Ethena (all seasons) is like “washing your soul in deep blue clear waters”.

Preben Stene Larsen, is a owner of his own company dealing with photography, and the only one of us that really knows the craftsmanship of carpeting. With a very close to be diploma in carpentmanship. He’s the youngest of us, the one with most formal skills, energic and involved in making Ethena “the boat” He is the one of us being the best to make a barging, so naturally in every deal concerning economics, Preben is involved. Keeping a boat doesn’t come without expenses.  

None of the above have ever sailed the oceans. Practically none have ever sailed before. Being the absolute amateurs, is their essence. So if you see SY Ethena with the K25 S 55 in the sails , be aware. We would all appreciate all help, advice and empathetic you might have. We do want to learn, and are eager to  listen. We also have gotten the knowledge that sailors are full of lies, and tales, so you might not end up feeling that you managed to trick us at once.

Kjell Stener, he used to own this very boat before, he’s a very experienced Kosterboat sailor and sailor in general. We are very happy to have him on-board at Ethena. He decided to join in to Ethena again, because of some odd reasons he all of a sudden was without a ship.?!? And the option to join his old boat became too great.